Digital Library:An Innovation by MPPG 5th Batch Student, Mr. Mahfuz

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Digital Library: An Innovation by MPPG 5th Batch Student, Mr. Mahfuz

Mr. Abu Saleh Md. Mahfulzul Alam, Upzila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Niamotpur, Naogaon and former student of MPPG 5th batch under the Public Policy and Governance (PPG) Program, Department of Political Science and Sociology, North South University (NSU), Dhaka has been acclaimed for his innovative idea of expanding knowledge through ‘Digital Library’ in the remote Upzila known Niamotpur in Naogaon district of Bangladesh. Mr. Mahfuz has established the digital library in Niamotpur Upzila by using information technology to illuminate the light of knowledge and education in this distant area. The idea first came in his mind when he was the student of PPG program. His work will be regarded as a brilliant example of practical application of pedagogy in higher education. The library consists of 4 pieces of e-book readers (Tab) and the 3 desktop computers. Forteen thousand of scanned PDF books have been collected for the readers. The library is open for all during 9 am to 5 pm. The library is established under the A2I program of Local Government Division of the Prime Minister's Office.

The news was published in Bonik Barta, a national daily of Bangladesh.

2017 06 24