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Governance in South, South East and East Asia: Trends, Issues and Challenges (2015)

Edited by Dr. Ishtiaq Jamil, Professor Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Dr. Sk. Tawfique M. Haque

The book has been published in June 2015 by Springer, USA. This book explores and analyzes governance and policy issues in South, Southeast, and East Asia.

It maps governance challenges and analyzes current trends from the perspectives of democracy, public policy, and public institutions. This edited book is another milestone of Public Policy and Governance (PPG) Program of NSU. The publication of this book is an outcome of the international conference organized by the PPG Program in 2012 and includes 15 chapters containing papers contributed by several scholars.

Another publication of a book worth mentioning is Understanding Governance and Public Policy in Bangladesh (2012) jointly edited by Dr. Ishtiaq Jamil, Prof. Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Dr. Steinar Askvik and Dr. Tawfique M. Haque. This book is a collection of essays on governance, public policy, public management reforms, policy implementation, and local governance in the era of New Public Management.